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    If you need to remove pet urine odor and/or stains from your carpet or furniture, then you need to look no further.  Because, "Pee-Gone" is, by far, the best pet stain and odor removal recipe in the world.  

Pee-Gone History:

Pee-Gone is a recipe for removing pet urine stains and odors from carpet and furniture.  I am in my forties and I have had pets my entire life.  I think I have tried every product on the market.  I have purchased literally hundreds of products from stores and online.  I have purchased many home remedies as well.  As you can imagine, some worked better than others and some didn't work at all.  Over the years, I have documented information and results from the many different remedies and products that I have tried.  Several years ago, while experimenting, I tried a combination of several ingredients and tested it on urine spots on a piece of carpet that was in my bathroom. (Dooper's favorite spot).   Within 48 hours, the stains and the odor were completely gone.  I could not believe my eyes or my nose.  So much so, that I immediately went around my house to look for more spots.   And, as a little side effect, little miss tinkle didn't even go back in that room to do her duty..... 


Since then , I have been tweaking the recipe and testing it on all types of carpet and furniture cloth.   I am still amazed at the results that I get.  Take a look at some of the testimonials that I have received over the past couple of years.


This recipe can be made from ordinary, inexpensive items that you can get at your local grocery store or department store. If you are reading this web page, then you obviously have a pet urine problem and you have probably spend a lot of money in the past of other products and services.  Believe me, if you have a pet that likes to tinkle now and then, and you are tired of the stains and the odor, then you will absolutely be amazed at the results that you get from the "Pee-Gone" recipe.  Don't wait any longer......Order Now....you will be amazed.


After you receive the recipe and try it on your little problem area, please come back to this web site and give us your feedback.  We love to hear what our pet friends have to say.

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